Thursday, 21 July 2011

50% off at Oxfam! And Joules sale...

There are a load of things you can buy at Oxfam's online shop right now, all of which go towards supporting this great charity, which is on the ground around the world, and especially in the East of Africa right now (donate to relief efforts here).

All of these items come with FREE shipping, although you can choose to add a donation towards shipping.

Second-hand clothes and accessories.

History books (some good titles, but you have to scroll through).

Ethical gifts (new, not second-hand).

70% (!) off the tangible gifts which are a part of their charity donation sets.


Re: Joules - until Tuesday, 26 June, you can get an additional 20% off all their sale items, which is taken off at checkout.  Additional things to note here: you can return these items in-store, although your refund will still be processed by the catalogue (and sent to you within 21 days); free shipping when you spend over 100 pounds; and 5% cashback at either TCB or Quidco.

Why this sale is so worth it?  Well, for one, their sizing is excellent, and you actually fit into the clothes, which are well cut and have an adorable, retro feel.  Things can either be very sporty (rugby shirts, etc.) or quite feminine, but many of the dresses have pockets (how great is that?) and contrast-coloured ribbon on the zips so that you can zip them up yourself.

This is the Elayna dress (colour: Cosmo), which comes out at only 15.20 (pre-cashback), which is about as much as you would expect to pay at somewhere like New Look or Primark, for much better quality.

So, go, go!  Have a look.  There are some deals to be had...

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I am already an addict; sorry for leading you down the garden path.

There is an AMAZINGLY good deal on at The Body Shop right now.  It's contingent on one thing though.

If you are not a member of a a cashback site, join one now.  You will earn the referral money that companies usually pay other websites to direct you towards specific products.  It is possible to earn up to, say, 150 pounds for a mobile phone contract, etc.  The two I use the most are TopCashBack (TCB) or Quidco.  In the interest of full disclosure, those are both referral links which will give me a bonus for referring you on.

Anyway, back to the Body Shop.  At TCB, they're doing 15% cashback right now, plus everything on the site is buy one, get one half price, plus there is a 30% off code (ROYAL30), PLUS there's free shipping on all orders right now.  I believe this ends shortly, so get on your bikes!  There're lotions and potions to be bought...

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Great sale on at BR UK.

Yes, I love me some Banana Republic.  On Boxing Day, my sister and I have a new tradition; clearing BR out of house and home at 50% off sale stock until noon.  Sigh.  How many shopping days until (the day after) Christmas?

Even the UK site has some good deals - like this black braided chain trim dress at almost 85% off?!  It's available in quite a few sizes as well.  Or, this lovely ruffled jacket from their BR Monogram line at >80% off!

Like I said: some serious deals to be had.

Insanely affordable glasses...

...which is the polite way of saying that they are really, really cheap:  in money terms, not quality terms.

If you want a referral e-mail with super discount code for Lensway from me, just let me know.  I have now had one free pair of glasses from them, and another pair for around 24 quid.  That's WITH lenses and all coatings included.

Friday, 1 April 2011


Am on my way to reduced shopping, cheap chocolates at Thornton's and GAP jeans. Yay! Will let you know how worth it the trip down souf' is...

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Terra Plana boots which may need to join me in New York...

And don't you think they'd be lonely without these glasses?  I know I would.


So, due to popular demand, I have started a blog.  I cite as evidence this FB post as well as my lovely officemate's assertions that I really must do so.  Kayhan, you win.

Here's some background on me.  I'm not a housewife in that I'm not married and I have three jobs outside of the house (two of which are related to my PhD, the third being my weekend work as a greengroceress).  However, I live in a small stone cottage in the Scottish countryside with my tall, dark, and handsome partner and our sweet, German flatmate.  I'm American, but grew up mainly overseas.  I have very liberal politics, but an old-fashioned approach to making things, especially if those things require cooking.

And here's the reason for this blog: I like deals.  I also like nice things, going nice places, and eating nice foods.  Sadly, I am a po' graduate student, so these aren't things which are very accessible on my budget...or so you'd think.  I guess I'm blogging in order to share the gorgeous deals and opportunities which cross my desktop from time to time, without totally clogging up my friends' newsfeed on Facebook with the latest Joules dresses, Terra Plana shoes, cheap flights, or practically-free tinned tomatos.

So, welcome.  Bienvenidos a todos.  Let's have some fun...